Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Out of Sync

Here's an irritating little time-waster: CVS sync on large projects takes a LONG time. So ain't it just dandy when, five or ten minutes through (I exaggerate not), I get this gem:


  1. Something is out of sync. (Actually most likely it's just a spurious timestamp change.)
  2. Eclipse knows that it's out of sync.
  3. Eclipse launched into a lengthy operation assuming that everything it thinks about all the tens of thousands of files in the project will hold.
  4. It believed itself utterly helpless on finding that a file was out of sync.
For God's sake ... Get it back into sync! It shouldn't be complaining unless metadata has changed that could affect the processing of other files. Not so in this case — these were all just dumb resources. And if being in sync is that important and cached information is that frequently stale (this error appears fairly often to me), do the user a damn favor and check it all first. Yes, it'll take a while — but not as long as half a CVS sync, followed by the refresh, followed by the whole sync over again.

(Yes, this problem occurs less often if I turn automatic refresh on. Bonus: Automatic refresh causes Eclipse to hold everything up for minutes at a time at unpredictable moments. Yay!)

Related bug reports

  • Bug #104224 is the same problem (RESOLVED INVALID, natch, since this is known behavior. Stupid known behavior, but known behavior.

  • Bug #135712 is a similar problem, though it was never followed through (maybe it went away?).

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